Why is it dangerous to deal with Trotux?

Nowadays, Internet users are facing threats every minute they spend online. Some of them can be stopped by an antivirus software, others can be avoided due to a smart behavior online. Unfortunately, but some threats can still find a way to sneak into the computer unnoticed. One of them is Trotux virus that was discovered by its 2spyware security researchers several months ago. This program has mostly been called a “virus.” However, it is not an accurate definition because it is not malicious itself. Usually, people let it infiltrate their computers without even noticing this because it has been actively promoted with the help of bundling. Beware that Trotux can come to your system bundled with download managers, PDF creators and similar freeware. To prevent it, you must always select “Custom” or “Advanced” installation of free software. Then, make sure that you uncheck check marks telling you that you are not against changing your PC’s settings. Of course, you can also install this program yourself. Why? Probably, after being convinced that this search engine delivers “relevant and comprehensive results every time you search.” However, you should keep in mind that Trotux does not fit the image of reliable search engine and there are more than three things explaining why should you and other Internet users stay away from it.

  • Trotux.com hijacks web browser;
  • This browser hijacker delivers potentially harmful content;
  • It might collect personal information.

One of the best ways to keep your computer safe is to remove Trotux and similar PUPs from your computer. You should also check this post to know more about this suspicious search engine.

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