New scam alert: a fake BSOD error

People hate Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error because it can force their computers to reboot at the most unexpected times. Sometimes you can fix this issue by using System Restore, rebooting your machine to Safe Mode or by installing updated drivers but, in most of the cases, you can get rid of BSOD only after you reinstall Windows. However, it seems that there is one more thing to check if BSODs have started interrupting you – you should also scan your computer with updated anti-spyware for malicious software.

According to the latest reports, hackers have started spreading programs that are capable of showing a fake BSOD. Once it infiltrates computer and affects web browser, it starts interrupting its victim with such alert message. By showing it, it seeks to mislead users into thinking that their computers are dealing with malware-related problems that can be solved only by reaching MICROSOFT CERTIFIED technicians. The fake BSOD error can also report about potential data loss and similar problems that can appear due to this invented problem. Please, do NOT contact any “experts of Microsoft” because they have nothing to do with this company. In reality, they are hiding under such name just for trying to make people dial a given number and earn the money from their fake service.  Fortunately, you can remove BSOD error virus with almost every reputable anti-spyware program.

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