Esolutions expands: new project raises awareness about health

Esolutions adds FirmusMedicus to the family of projects

Our company has worked for years on making people aware of cybersecurity issues and computer viruses. The biggest goal of ours is to raise awareness of important issues and precautionary measures. The company achieves this when users get to fix their computer problems or clean the system from malware using our provided methods.

However, there is a whole new industry that our team is passionate about, but it hasn’t been touched in our previous projects – human health. Nowadays, when the bulk of attention is put on useless and not so important things, we need to take action.

We released FirmusMedicus to inform people about the health industry, medical issues, and news, to make people more aware of the processes that happen every day. The newest addition to the project family works against misinformation about the health industry regarding veganism, homeopathic, vaccination, healthy lifestyle, and so on.

IT security and health industry professionals

Since Esolutions is the company associated in information technology and our experts have experience in IT and cybersecurity fields, we cannot strain too far from the computer security and also can talk about all the issues that technology causes to our body. Nevertheless, other health-related topics covered in our newest site are analyzed, researched and written by experienced professionals.

All articles published on the website are based on studies, researches and professional sources, medical statistics. The site is informative and useful because it reveals information in a simple manner but shows all the essential facts about health-related studies and news. We hope that this project helps to inform and teach people to take this knowledge the right way.

New age – new issues

The new generation of media and mainly, the rise of social media affected our habits and everyday lives. Nowadays, we don’t consider our bodies when we work for more than 10 hours on the computer and spend most of our free time in front of the screen too.

Additionally, social media and constant browsing online, seeing altered reality or facing the online bullies have a negative effect on our mental health as well. Most of us don’t understand how important it is to take care of your health daily.

We created a new project to encourage people to think about themselves more and to consider their health.

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