Facebook Suspension scam is still active and tries to trick companies

Facebook has the audience of more than 750 million users, so there is no surprise that thousands of companies have been actively using it for their marketing campaigns and public relations. Naturally, when you are active on this social network, you receive thousands of notifications to your email box. The scariest ones are Facebook’s warnings about your suspended page. However, if you have recently received this kind of notification, there is a huge possibility that it is a scam that has nothing in common with Mark Zuckerberg’s aim to close your company’s page. It might be that you are just dealing with Facebook Suspension virus which has recently renewed its activity.

In fact, this scam is not new – it has been spreading around for several years. It spreads with the help of misleading email messages that pretend to be from Facebook and claim that company’s Page might be suspended because of Facebook’s Terms of Services violation. The email provides a link for account verification and further review. According to specialists from 2-spyware, this link has been altered for several times and that there is a huge possibility that it might redirect users to infected domains. So, you should not open this link because visiting these websites might cause serious damage to computers.

If you received a similar email from Facebook that looks suspicious, read this post about Facebook virus attentively. To spot scams, you should look for grammar or typo mistakes that are usually the red flag that the email is fake. However, most importantly, you should check the email from the sender. If it was sent from Facebook Help Center, the real service of Facebook, you may be in trouble with your suspension. 


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