Warning from 2-spyware: do NOT visit Safe-web.tk

Several weeks ago, researchers from one of eSolutions projects, 2-spyware, received a question on Safe-web.tk. A person who was contacting them asked how could he remove this annoying virus. After starting their own research, experts discovered that Safe-web.tk is a browser hijacker that causes redirects to misleading websites. Be sure to stay away from it because you can be tricked into revealing your personal information to scammers Also, you can loose the money and run into other problems.

The first domain 2-spyware researchers were redirected to was a misleading site that promotes “roulette strategy”. It is a Lithuanian domain that is filled with misleading claims about an “amazing” possibility to earn the money by playing roulette online. We must warn you that such strategies do NOT work and that you won’t be able to take the money you transferred during registration. After testing Safe-web.tk virus for the second time, experts found themselves on a site that announces about a $3500 prize. It asks the victim to enter personal details so that he or she could claim the prize. Please, do NOT reveal your personal information to people that you don’t know and remove Safe-web.tk from your computer before it achieves what it was created for.

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