eSolutions announce a release of a brand new site

It hasn’t been a week since eSolutions team has announced the new addition to the 2-spyware project – The release of the Latvian version of the popular infosec website has already received a lot of positive feedback. But we are not planning on stopping just there. We aim at introducing current cyber security issues to even more native language speakers, ensuring our project is accessible to people of all origins and nationalities.

Today, we would like to announce the release of, an Estonian site which is already 28th language eSolutions administers. Now, we can finally cover all three of the Baltic countries: Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Just like the Latvian site which we announced a couple of days ago, is still in the process of growing and its team is working on catching up with the latest and the most important online security news. As the site progresses, the Viirused will keep you updated on the latest cyber threats, infosec news and will kindly assist you with malware removal. The Virus Activity plugin implemented on this site will also give you a concise overview of the current virus activity level, warning you about the most dangerous threats to look out for.

Do not hesitate, go and check our newly released sites while we proceed to provide you with the best service. If you can’t find a site in your native language just yet, do not worry – we are working on it, and you can expect new additions soon.

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