Youndoo virus renews its activity

2016 was a busy year for security experts – computer virus business was booming and everyone was asking for help. Of course, the main problem which caused a serious havoc on the Internet was an infamous Locky. As soon as this ransomware showed up, the amount of infected users increased from 23,000 to 56,000 cases per month. However, the latest trends reveal that there is a lot more to come in 2017. New viruses, including Spora ransomware, HakunaMatata or Help_Help_help virus (new Cerber’s version), have already emerged. Nevertheless, it seems that we should not forget the old ones.

Security experts are reporting about a fresh tendency – reappearance of well-known viruses that were launched back in 2015 or 2016. We have already notified you about Crypt0l0cker which was first detected in the middle of 2015. Beware that it has just been noticed starting its second round of propagation. It seems that we should also not forget Youndoo virus. The most affected countries seem to be Denmark, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Hungary. Please, be careful with this browser hijacker. No matter that it is not capable of encrypting your files, it can cause unauthorized redirects on your browser. Browser redirects have already been named one of the main ways leading PC users to the infiltration of malware.

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