Crypt0l0cker is expected to begin the second round

We must warn you about the growing danger of Crypt0l0cker ransomware. It seems that Europe is the main target of this virus which is also known as TorrentLocker. To protect yourself and prevent a need to pay the ransom fee to cyber criminals, make sure you back up your files. Ransomware viruses are now capable of encrypting the entire network, so you need to find a safe place to your files. While we haven’t received any reports from Crypt0l0cker victims yet, we can see a clear increase in this search term what makes us believe that its developers have already started promoting its installer.

To avoid the newest, Crypt0l0cker 2017, you must know each of its distribution methods. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Fake email messages with infected attachments. Mostly, ransomware installers are presented in fake emails claiming to be financial and business reports. Hackers are trying to convince their victims that they are communicating with one of their colleagues. If an email message seems suspicious, make sure you ask the sender about it directly.
  • Infected pop-up messages and illegal websites. You can also get infected with ransomware via misleading pop-up messages offering free updates and “missing” software to the potential victims. Believe us, you don’t need anything. If you need a program, visit its official website and be sure that the needed file is safe.
  • Legitimate websites hacked by ransomware makers. Hackers have already started using a more sophisticated technique to promote their ransomware – after infecting the legitimate site with the malicious JavaScript, they make this website to show a fake error message, such as HoeflerText font wasn’t found error. Make sure you ignore such errors to prevent infiltration of ransomware and the loss of your files.
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