eSolutions experts notice a revival of old ransomware viruses

Ransomware viruses are among the most prosperous cyber infections today. Even though these viruses been around for quite some time, the major upheaval in their development and distribution has been noticed only in the last couple of years. New versions of these malicious file-locking viruses are being released daily. Of course, most of them are terminated after the experts find ways to bypass their malicious codes. But some continue to live on.

Back in 2012, the Internet community was targeted by a virus called ACCDFISA. This infection has been infecting computers, locking them and displaying a threatening notification about the supposedly illegal activities carried out using the computer in question. The access to the system and the files on it were then blocked, and the victims had to pay a considerable amount of money to be able to use the computer normally again. Luckily, this infection was soon decontaminated when the experts managed to come up with an effective decryption solution. The virus distribution soon ceased and it seemed that the threat was defeated. For the surprise of the virus analysts and the whole cyber security community, ACCDFISA version 2.0 was spotted, continuing the dirty deeds of its predecessor. The four years of silence do not seem to have had any impact on its severity.
Occurrences like these only justify that the battle with cyber infections is unpredictable and never ending. Thus, constant analysis of these infections is necessary to help experts and regular users learn more about how they can avoid them. You can always find the latest infosec news on

An illustration of the ransomware virus revival

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