Things to consider before installing Amazon Assistant is one of those sites where you can find almost everything you need. Undoubtedly, it’s easy to get lost in a variety of products and find the best deal. In order to help users, the company created the Amazon Assistant browser extension. However, if you are one of the online shopping lovers, you should not get excited. Security experts had concerns about this tool and categorized it as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). The main reason why include: the ability to sneak inside the computer unnoticed, tracking data and sharing with third-parties, displaying an excessive amount of online ads and having complicated removal procedure. If you are looking for an honest opinion whether it’s worth installing or not, we can assure that this add-on should not find a place in your browser’s extension list. Former users even call it an Amazon Assistant virus.

Before installing any new program, it’s important to read the Privacy Policy. This document reveals how much information the application collects and how it treats aggregated data. Amazon Assistant doesn’t mind to share details about your to third-parties. Undoubtedly, this information will be used for advertising purposes, and soon you will see lots of ads when browsing the web. Indeed, it’s disturbing and annoying. However, it might be dangerous too. Some of the ads might deliver fake Amazon deals and redirect to the suspicious websites where you can get infected with computer viruses. However, it may not be the only threat. Once you install this tool, you will receive lots of emails and shopping offers. Undoubtedly, they might be useful, but the problem is that cyber criminals send identical emails. The only difference is that they are infected. For several years, cyber criminals have been sending emails informing about order update, shipping problems, and other similar problems. Crooks uses thousands of different emails to spread various versions of so-called Order update virus.

The last problem related to Amazon Assistant is complicated removal procedure. It doesn’t matter whether users installed it directly from the website, or it sneaked with a software bundle. Plenty of people complains that they are unable to get rid of it. Some say that this program does not have “Uninstall” option, and other claims that it is magically reinstalled on the computer again and again. Thus, if we convinced you to get rid of this program or you are dealing with uninstallation problems, you might find these Amazon Assistant removal instructions handy. Well, if you are one of those people who are still considering its installation, bear in mind that you will need to work hard if this extension does not meet your expectations.

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