Ransomware with ridiculous names started appearing on the web

Ransomware viruses have been around for years, just recently, though, they came back to the web more malicious than ever before. These viruses take away your files, ask you to pay the ransom but will not necessarily return them even if you pay. There are hundreds of such programs, and they are all more or less destructive. Thus, the names picked out by their creators usually correspond to their malicious nature. The 2-spyware team has already discussed such frightening infections like the Apocalypse virus, Nuke ransomware or a cyber threat named after the famous horror movie character Jigsaw. Such titles were undoubtedly chosen to add seriousness and frighten the victims into paying up for their files.

For other malware creators, money may be just as important, but they seem to have decided: why not amuse themselves while making it? As a result, ransomware with funny and even ridiculous names started showing up and infecting computers. Donald Trump ransomware, Princess Locker virus are just a few of the most bizarre virus titles that our team has come across only in the past couple of weeks. Moreover, there are still samples of cyber infections that draw from the popular culture, like for instance, Harry Potter-themed Voldemort or Norse mythology-related ODIN ransomware. Completely random names like JokeFromMars are also not uncommon. Nonetheless, despite the fact that these titles have no negative connotations, such ransomware should not be taken any less seriously than their serious counterparts. In fact, there is a greater chance of unknowingly downloading malicious files which names do not raise any suspicion or even sound hilarious. File-stealing infections are not a joke and should be avoided at all costs. On 2-spyware.com we try to update and inform you on the latest ransomware releases, but there still might be viruses roaming the Internet not yet discovered by the virus experts. Thus, we urge everyone to take steps to protect computers from potential breaches and not allow malware creators to make fun out of you.

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