Happy new year! (and make sure you stay away from Cerber)

As 2016 came to an end, we have to thank you for being with us this year. These 12 months have brought us hundreds of new viruses, scam techniques and computer-related news. Nevertheless, we hope that we managed to reach our main goal and help you protect your computer from malware.

No matter that we all feel festive, we should not forget that holiday season is perfect time for hackers to infect users with malware. At the moment of writing, we have to warn you about the newly-discovered campaign of Cerber ransomware. It has been found that the installer has been hidden in misleading email messages related to famous e-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay and others. Besides, the virus can infect your computer via fake messages pretending to be warnings from your bank of other financial authority.

Make sure you check the message body attentively and, if you are not sure about the people who are trying to contact you, reach them via telephone or email. Finally, we will come up for the only New Year’s resolution for you – it’s time to get a professional security software to keep your computer virus-free.

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