eSolutions presents with new and more convenient design is one of eSolutions projects launched several years ago with a pure desire to help PC users fix their computers. After reading our guides, users can solve their problems without a need to go to tech experts and pay them money. If bothered, they can fix annoying errors, uninstall unwanted programs, recover lost files, improve their functionality and solve the entire list of other PC-related problems. Besides, our team has been trying to include every important event to Ugetfix “News” category to help its visitors keep up with the latest tech changes.

We are very happy that our efforts haven’t been forgotten – since the first day, our site has been gaining more and more trust from our users. So, we decided to improve it a little bit and help people get the best experience. After the latest changes, you can add your question to Ugetfix project just by hitting “Ask” button (you cannot miss it now). All topics are listed in front of your eyes, and recently added questions with answers can be seen just by scrolling down the site. So, if you found yourself in trouble related to your computer, go ahead and leave your question to Ugetfix team!

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