Don’t get caught by Mac Tonic – yet another PUP promising improved Mac’s functionality

Another deceptive application promoted as an optimization tool

Mac Tonic is a potentially unwanted application that recently has caught Esolutions attention. This program is promoted as a tool for Mac OS X and promises a number of useful features. It creates an impression of a legit optimization tool. However, after testing it, we can say that this program does nothing like that. Mac Tonic can scan your system and search for possible errors and computer-related problems. Then, it allegedly detects numerous issues and offers their elimination after paying for its license. However, you don’t need to purchase the suggested program to clean your system properly because it is not infected.

Even if you were unfortunate and purchased the full version, it does nothing. The list of threats this program displays are fake, and there is only a matter of time until it stops showing you the particular list of errors. There is no doubt that Mac Tonic is a scam that should be removed from your device in the first place.

The fake optimizer has been actively spread via legitimate Flash Player update

Often, such tools are spread via misleading advertising campaigns. The developers of such programs typically set the trustworthy-looking page that offers to download a free program’s trial to check the system for free. In addition, you can run into the same pop-up ad while browsing the Internet.

However, the main method used to promote fake PC optimization tools, browser hijackers and adware is related to other programs filled with these PUPs as optional components. Sadly, even the legitimate software can be used to spread such apps as Mac Tonic. Recently, security experts found Adobe Flash Player updates used to spread this optimization tool around. As a result, people have no idea how did they get infected with this virus.

Deceptive tool’s removal is not complicated

If you got this or similar PUA after updating your software or downloading the new app from the Internet because of not paying enough attention, you can blame only yourself. Typically, you should choose the Advanced or Custom settings, and then de-select those additional tools or programs to avoid infection.

To prevent further danger on your Mac OS X, you should terminate this useless application as soon as you notice something fishy about it. The best solution could be anti-malware tools. However, after testing it, we should add that it isn’t hard to get rid of this PUP manually. You should use the following guide to get rid of Mac Tonic for good.

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