Chrome Search browser hijacker and its versions keep actively spreading in the cyberspace virus is nothing more than an impersonator of Google Chrome operates as a fraudulent search directory which is remarkably similar to Google Chrome. In other terms, it aims to imitate this famous search engine to trick users into believing its legitimacy. eSolutions team has already received numerous claims about how this unreliable program is collecting private details related to people’s browsing sessions on purpose and similar activity.

First of all, we want to warn you not to fall into the trap of an attractive description because the authors of Chrome Search explicitly point out that this is the privacy-respecting program. However, if you attentively check the Privacy Policy, its developers state that they save the personal information you provide them despite whether it happened on their request or not. Likewise, you have no guarantees that your private details will not be sold to third-parties or misused in other ways.

Note that any of the browser hijacker versions mentioned below and those still not identified, perform similar or exact activities which might put your privacy and computer security at risk. Therefore, you should remove right away and do not believe in the fraudulent claims about its usefulness.

The activity of Chrome Search and its versions

It is essential to mention that currently, virus is on the rise. Experts have successfully identified Clean My, and as the offsprings of the mother program. Additionally, is the newest variant which has reached the cyberspace at the beginning of December. This rapid development indicates that users should not expect this browser hijacker to stop taking over their browsers.

Furthermore, once the browser hijacker enters the system, it takes over, such popular browsers as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. In other terms, every time you open a new tab/window or click on your homepage, you are redirected to hxxp://

You should not let these browser modifications to slip through since after ChromeSearch hijack happens, its developers gain full access to collect various information which might be misused to deliver annoying and intrusive ads. They look genuine and attractive. Likewise, people are lured into clicking on one after another.

Also, be aware that ChromeSearch redirect is another potentially dangerous action since it might lead you to highly suspicious websites which increase the risk of getting infected with malware. Thus, avoid clicking on any types of advertisements that appear among the query results displayed by this fake search engine.

We highly recommend you to complete removal right after you notice its presence. Note that the easiest way is to employ a professional security software to help you with different and more sophisticated variants of this potentially unwanted program. Do not hesitate and clean your computer from browser hijackers!

Learn how this PUP stealthily enters your system

While you can manually install Chrome Search extension on the Chrome Web Store, you can also unconsciously let it to your computer without notice. Developers of such browser hijackers aim to take advantage of people who are in a rush and infuse the PUP into the installers of free applications.

Likewise, if the user opts to finish the download/installation procedure as soon as possible, he or she picks Quick/Recommended settings which do not show the hidden PUP inside. Thus, we recommend you to pay more attention to this process and choose Advanced/Custom options. It is vital to de-select the marks which have been selected before and allow to install the potentially unwanted program.

Additionally, you should scan your computer afterward and make sure that the security software will perform removal if necessary. This way you will fully protect not only your privacy but computer security as well.


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