Cerber ransomware becomes the main concern of security professionals

We have been hearing news about Cerber ransomware for more than 8 months now. Unfortunately, but the latest report does not mean anything good as it claims that there are two freshly-released versions of this virus detected by security researchers several days ago. If you are happen to find README.hta file on your computer’s desktop, you should know that the virus, which you might be dealing with, is either Cerber 4.1.0 or Cerber 4.1.1 ransomware. These threats are almost identical to their predecessor. However, there are several facts that should be remembered by every PC user.

As we have already mentioned, the latest versions of Cerber start displaying Readme.hta file on computer’s desktop right after they infiltrate the system. For hijacking computer, these threats use an infamous exploit kit which is known as PseudoDarkleech Rig. If your computer is vulnerable, you can become a victim of such exploit kit just by browsing thru the Internet and visiting your favorite websites. Once Cerber 4.1.0 virus or Cerber 4.1.1 infiltrates computer, it starts its encryption process which is used to block victim’s files. The extension which is appended by these threats to each of affected files consists of four random characters. If you can’t open your data or if you can see this four character extension added to some of your files, there is a huge possibility that you are dealing with one of these ransomware viruses. Make sure you ignore their ransom notes that are usually set to inform people about their encrypted files and a need to purchase the special tool which is known as Cerber decrypter.  In this case, you should remove their malicious files from your computer and use data recovery software.

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