All-Radio 4.27 Portable virus installs various malware with software bundles

Experts noticed that the name of a legitimate video and radio program disguising malware

Malicious actors bundle their products with various other applications and hide the malware behind the name of the well-known program, in this case, All-Radio 4.27 Portable. This virus is dangerous because of the fact about malicious activity and relation with various malware. Unfortunately, the program installs itself unwantedly via software bundles. Using the same technique, it adds multiple applications on the system during the installation process.

Furthermore, this program might be used to open direct paths for other possibly more malicious programs. It also connects to a remote server to download programs on the infected computer. The existence of this program indicates that your device is infected with a trojan, rootkit or other malware. You may get this All-Radio 4.27 Portable trojan or any other malware during freeware installs. Once installed this malware starts to run multiple processes in the background.

Malicious programs have the variety of functionalities

When these silent infections get on the system, they are capable of running multiple processes. It depends on the purpose of specific malware. When the internet connection is good enough that it is possible to connect to a remote server or a website, malicious programs like trojans can download other malware on the system freely.

The silent program can be set to:

  • Download and install malware.
  • Use computer resources to mine crypto.
  • Record keystrokes and collect other information.
  • Share the personal data of yours with a hacker.
  • Give another criminal remote access to your PC.
  • Inject commercial content on the browser you are using.
  • Turn random text into active links.

The ways to avoid and get rid of silent intruders

If you want to be safe online, you need to remember one thing – pay more attention to what is happening on your computer. This is the best tip because if you know more you can do more. Since these infections like trojans or malware are silent, you need to be aware of the distribution. Getting software via free sharing networks, deceptive sites or advertisements can be more high-risk than it looks. You need to choose Advanced or Custom options every time you download and install any application or software to your device. This step allows you to de-select unwanted programs and keeps the PC safe from cyber infections.

Other steps you can take to make sure that your device is not prone to these infections is reputable malware-fighting software. Keeping your antivirus program up and running might not be enough when it comes to malware like trojans or ransomware. Anti-malware tools can detect already existing threats, corrupted files, system vulnerabilities and fix all of those issues. Furthermore, if you leave this tool on your system and keep it up-to-date, it can block potential intruders before they get to infect your device.

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