marketing platform comes to life again ads are looking for new victims

If you have run into the website having a ridiculously long URL domain name starting with, you are likely to see a congratulatory alert. It might come from a supposed Google Rewards Center or most recent one – Facebook Reward Center.

Before you hit the ceiling with joy for supposedly having won an iPhone or another valuable product, let us remind you that it is simply a fake alert. Alternatively, other users may encounter alerts suggesting to update their browsers, Java or Adobe Flash Player.

Advertising intertwines with malvertising

Even though the domain is entitled as Ad Network Performance, it has been one of the oldest spam and adware samples. Originally, such alerts may have simply annoyed you to death, but recent findings suggest that they divert towards a new trend – malvertising.

Due to the popularity of social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, you might notice the number of supposedly affiliated websites which offer you to reclaim their free giveaways.

A while ago, another spam felony infiltrated Facebook deceiving users with supposedly free flight tickets. It was not only a surprise for netizens but for the very companies which have been mentioned.

Then, users had to fill up a short survey. Then, they would be redirected to an affiliate website which requires entering private information – phone numbers or email address. functions the same. If you disclose any of such details in one of the affiliated websites, get ready for the stream of ads popping up during browsing sessions or cramming your Spam folder.

Another key problem is that this domain is only the tip of the iceberg. There are multiple others:,,,,, etc.

Old tricks along with new strategies

It is surprising that such adware and malvertising techniques are quite old and there have been numerous articles written on this topic, still a high number of users take the bait. It explains why fraudsters have revived marketing technique.
Besides this well-known strategy, keep in mind that crooks come up with new astounding techniques.

Felons have developed a way how to foist malware for users. They do not need to click on a corrupted link or a file – hovering over it is enough. Despite how elaborate spam techniques might emerge, cautiousness remains the ultimate weapon escaping such felony.

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