eSolutions warns about privacy issues found on Pokemon Go

It seems that the world has become crazy for Nintendo’s Pokemon Go game. Since its release day, it has already collected more than 7.5 million US downloads. No matter that it’s free, it has also been estimated that the game makes $1.6M in daily revenue in Apple Apple Store alone – people who want to catch more than one egg are offered “egg incubators” and those who can’t move around can buy “incense pots” and similar items.

However, no matter how attractive this game seems, you shouldn’t forget the security of your data. According to security experts from 2-spyware, Pokemon Go requires questionable permissions and people should be very careful when creating an account for this game with the help of Google account. If you are not careful enough, you can grant this app with a full access to your Google account. It means that Pokemon Go can get an ability to reach your Google Docs, Google Photos, Gmail and similar accounts, so there is lots of data that can be put at risk. No matter that the developer of Pokemon Go, Niantic, has already released an update which is supposed to fix this problem, gamers are highly recommended checking the privacy settings on the app and in their Google accounts. Make sure you don’t allow full access to your Google The Circle 2017 trailer


eSolutions presents Virus Activity Plugin for WordPress

If you run a tech-related WordPress website, you should know about Virus Activity Plugin, which was presented by eSolutions last week. It can increase the trustworthiness of your website as it lets your visitors know about a global virus activity level and the latest viruses that can pose a danger to their systems. Information is collected from such tech giants as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Norton, and Avira, so there is no doubt that it can increase the number of your visitors as well. 

If you still believe that viruses are invented by antivirus companies just for scaring people and making the money, you should be informed that virus activity level has never been as important as it is now. The most dangerous and, unfortunately, the most active malware is considered ransomware. It infiltrates computer as a useful email attachment and encrypts your files. Also, it starts showing a ransom note asking you to pay a special amount of money in exchange for its decrypter. After getting infected with one of such threats, you can loose from $300 to $10000. Would you like to lose each of your files or such amount of money? Beware that the latest ransomware, called WannaCry, infected more than 200.000 computers in 150 countries.

To increase users’ awareness and add more value to your website, you just need to go to your WP admin -> Plugins, click “Add New” and search for “Virus activity”. You can also click or Plugins. Virus activity to download this plugin. Once you finish the installation, go to Widgets and move “Virus Activity” widget to a sidebar. To get more information about the latest viruses, check Virus Activity News. Experts who are working behind this page are ready to share with you the most relevant information. becomes another headache for PC users

Typically, viruses are active for several weeks. They are replaced by the new ones once their files are included to the data base of anti-spyware programs. However, it seems that is seeking to infect as much users as possible. After showing up several months ago, it can still hijack your system and make you use it instead of the default search engine or the start page. The first thing that we must note about virus is that you can end up on infected website when using it. Technically, it is a browser hijacker that uses misleading strategy for promoting affiliate websites. Also, it can track you behind your back and cause other problems.

Surprisingly, one of our colleagues was also infected by this fake search engine several days ago. failed to leave the system until he ran a full system scan with SpyHunter. If you can also see a page displayed below on your web browser, you are hijacked. In this case, you need to follow hohosearch removal guide.


Security researchers make the developers of TeslaCrypt stop. Master decryption key is revealed

Let us announce you about the latest achievement of cyber security community. Thanks to its constant fight against the developers of TeslaCrypt, the gang working behind this virus decided to stop its distribution. What can you do if you are affected? If you are infected with ccc virus or Teslacrypt, you need to remove malicious files from the system first. To unlock your data, you should enter this Master Decryption key: 440A241DD80FCC5664E861989DB716E08CE627D8D40C7EA360AE855C727A49EE.


Tired of computer errors? Visit UGetfix

ugetfix-comEveryone knows how hard is to keep your computer fast and stable. You have to keep your software up-to-date, always uninstall useless applications, remove malware, etc. All in all, it seems that you have to be a computer technician to keep your computer safe and clean.

Having this in mind, nearly one year ago eSolutions presented an exceptional project, which is dedicated to helping people fix their computers for free. It’s called The site is composed of several categories: News, Fix, Uninstall, Recover, and Optimize. It is full of helpful information, which is oriented to both, Windows OS and Mac OS X. We are working very hard on this project and hope that it soon will appear in your Bookmarks!

Reimage fixes its bad reputation

Great news! There is another computer security program that managed to fix its reputation. It’s called Reimage. We believe that you have seen hundreds of different comments and reviews calling it “virus.” Nevertheless, we checked it in our office several weeks ago, and all what we can say is “great.” Its exceptional Windows Repair technology fixes system without a need to reboot it. Also, it has Avira AntiVir virus search tool, so it detects even the smallest viruses.

Sounds familiar? Yes, the same story can be told about SpyHunter, which was relying on a bad path about a decade ago. Nevertheless, now it’s a widely approved virus removal tool, which is used by companies and home users.

reimage box

New projects were added to eSolutions family!

You might have already got acquainted with the main project of eSolutions called 2spyware. However, this is not the only page that we have in our family. Next to 2 spyware, which is dedicated to viruses, we also manage, and 24 other sites that warn users in different countries about emerging malware each day. However, two websites were added to our clan just several weeks ago. The first of them is called If you live in the UK, it should become your next best friend. The second one,, is dedicated to Bulgarian PC users and their problems. However, don’t even think that this is the end! We won’t calm down until each of countries has its own virus removal site!


Working, working, working

When Locky virus keeps updating itself, you can’t stop working and have your lunch all at once. Someone needs to watch over the situation and help people fight against it. It seems that Germany and Japan are the most affected countries right know but it’s obvious that this virus can affect almost every country in the world. Stay tuned.